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BDO in Belarus hotline

20 March 2020

The whole world is going through difficult times. Companies are forced to change their strategies and create new business plans that are focused not on development, but on preserving business.

In the current situation, time is of the essence.
We are aware of the urgency and necessity to make difficult decisions today. Therefore, BDO in Belarus has organized an additional hotline aimed at helping you make decisions and comprehensively evaluate your actions. You can consult on any issue related to economics, finance and management. Requests from [email protected] are processed as a matter of priority and sent directly to BDO Partners – the best professionals of our company who will assess the situation not only from the point of view of expertise, but from the point of view of leaders. 
Tell us what problems your business has today so you can go forward tomorrow. Contact info: [email protected] 

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